Nov 17, 2013


Million hearts are touched as the Son of the Soil


Mother Earth!

Khaliqur Rahman

The Little Master bends down in humility to touch the Mother Earth, the 22 yards, and a million hearts are touched. In that is a message for young sports-persons, in particular and career-aspirants in general. How much does the country now need people with the heart and the head of a Tendulkar.

Tendulkar, while referring to his mother, said he was a difficult boy to handle. Why only mother? Ask the bowlers who bowled to him, ask the batsmen he bagged and ask the fielders who tried to field to his shots and chased the cherry to the boundary! An honest player like him who plays cricket as a gentleman's game in the spirit of the game and bats with a straight bat is difficult to handle. But the beauty is: handlers of all kinds love him!
Gavaskar retired after scoring a hundred in the Bi-centenary Test at Lords. And, Bedi rightly commented that for a cricketer to emulate this feat of Gavaskar, he not only needs to score a century, but do it at Lord's and wait for 200 years! Gavaskar's timing and placement was as precise and shrewd as his straight drive. It was a heady farewell.
Then Gilchrist retired. And he made it crisp sweet and precise as any lofted shot of his. It was pretty emotional.
But this one stands out. His speech said it all. It was like any of his long innings replete with delightful shots of control and discipline, humility and honest expression of emotions and a touch of unique greatness all over!
I repeat: How much does the country now need people with the heart and the head of a Tendulkar.

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